What Causes Jaw Pain?

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Although many forms of jaw pain may simply be from soreness or overuse, lingering jaw pain may be a sign of something much more serious. For more information about jaw pain, consider the following:

– If you notice any of the signs of jaw or facial pain, visit your dentist for a detailed exam of your oral health, which may also include X-Rays to help find the source of your ailment.
– Common signs of jaw and facial pain include jaw tenderness, headaches, and irregular pain felt in or around the ear.
– Potential causes of facial and jaw pain include toothaches, infections, oral accidents and injuries, and a multitude of oral health ailments. This includes issues such as gum disease, TMJ disorders, and bruxism.
– Possible treatments for facial and jaw pain include medications, antibiotics, pain relievers, and mouth guards. More serious therapies including extractions and root canals may also be an option.
– Jaw pain can result in issues with biting into foods and can hinder your abilities to chew, speak, and bite properly.

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