At the dental office of Steven Wolfson, DDS, we strive to give our patients high-quality dental care in a timely manner because we know that you do not want to spend all day at the dentist. To help make your visits go more smoothly and quickly, we use an in-office dental lab. With our lab and advanced equipment, Dr. Steven Wolfson can provide you with more customized treatments. For more information about our in-office dental lab in Houston, Texas, and to schedule your next appointment with our dentist, please contact us at 713-789-1225.

When you receive a restorative treatment, such as a dental crown or dentures, dentists use a series of machines and systems to create the restorative pieces. Having in-office dental laboratories are uncommon for the majority of dental offices. Most of the time, dentists will send molds or casts into other offices to have restoration pieces created. This process can take several days, which means that most patients are required to go that with missing or half-treated teeth, or an uncomfortable temp.

At our practice, we have our own in-office dental laboratory so we can complete your restorative treatments in the same visit or the next day. Because there is no waiting uncomfortably for your restorative piece, you can leave our office feeling confident that your smile looks just as great, and better, than when you walked in. Dr. Wolfson and team of friendly professionals want to give you the proper dental care that you deserve. We invite you to call or visit our office to learn more about our in-office laboratory and to schedule your next appointment with our dentist.