At the dental practice of Steven Wolfson, DDS, we strive to make our patients happy, and to help them love their smiles. If you are receiving a dental implant, our office provides Teeth By Tonight®, an implant treatment that is completed quicker and doesn’t make you wait to replace your missing teeth. Now you don’t have to worry about missing teeth that leave a gap in your smile. Get the smile you want today with our Teeth By Tonight treatment. To learn more about Teeth By Tonight in Houston, Texas, and to schedule your consultation with dentist, Dr. Steven Wolfson, please contact us at 713-789-1225.

Teeth By Tonight is a single-visit implant procedure. Most dental implant procedures can last several months while patients have their implants put in one at a time. That can be a tedious and uncomfortable procedure. Because traditional implant procedures install your implants piece by piece, patients are required to return home with missing teeth while they wait for the remainder of their implant. This can cause embarrassment because no one wants to show off a smile full of gaps. With Teeth By Tonight, patients will leave our office with a new dental implant in the same visit.

In just one day, you can receive temporary teeth while your implant and crown are being created. This means that you can walk away from our office with confidence knowing that there are no gaps in your smile. Once your implant and crown are complete, you will return to our office and receive your permanent replacement tooth. Although this treatment is quicker than traditional implant procedures, Teeth By Tonight still gives you beautiful, natural-looking teeth that give your mouth the support and functionality it needs. To learn more about Teeth By Tonight, and to schedule your consultation visit with Dr. Wolfson, please call or stop by our office today.