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Tooth hazards can arise at any moment. With the unpredictability of life, it is important to take the steps necessary to protect your teeth from all outside threats. All the brushing and flossing in the world does not matter if you consistently put your teeth in harm’s way on a daily basis. Protect your smile with tooth hazard prevention.

Some of the most common oral health risks include bad habits that can enhance your risk for an assortment of oral ailments including tooth discolorations, gum disease, oral cancer, dental erosion, and total tooth failure. This includes unhealthy habits such as smoking, chewing tobacco, and using drugs. Furthermore, be careful of any medications you use, as they can cause dry mouth symptoms, which is a known risk factor for tooth decay.

Your diet also may contain hidden hazards. Alternatively, focus on eating healthy foods that strengthen tooth enamel, and stay away from foods that cause tooth decay, such as sugary foods and drinks. Also make sure to eliminate foods form your diet that can easily chip or crack your teeth, as well as chewy and sticky foods that tend to linger in your mouth around your teeth and gums long after eating them, as this can contribute to a rise in dental erosion.

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