People Who Grind Their Teeth When Sleeping Might Benefit From a Dental Guard

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Some individuals have a propensity for grinding their teeth when sleeping. Often associated with unresolved chronic stress, this condition known as bruxism can apply significant stress to the temporomandibular joints and potentially chip a tooth.  


Without remediation, these factors could lead to problems with TMJ disorder, damaged dental work, compromised tooth enamel, and teeth that are more prone to problems with tooth decay.


If you have noticed yourself grinding your teeth on a frequent basis, or you have been experiencing discomfort in the joints that hinge your jaw, you should consider scheduling an appointment with a dentist like Dr. Steven Wolfson.


In some of these cases he might recommend sleeping with a dental guard. When worn in the mouth the simple plastic mouthpiece can help cushion the biting surfaces of your teeth while also reducing the stress impacted on the temporomandibular joints.


Patients with damaged teeth or early signs of TMJ disorder might need additional treatments to prevent minor problems from worsening. Some simple lifestyle changes like eating a diet of softer foods or performing basic facial stretches might also help reduce stress in the temporomandibular joints.


If you live in the Houston, Texas, area and you have been grinding your teeth on a frequent basis, you should call 713-789-1225 to schedule a consultation appointment at Steven Wolfson, DDS.