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Mouthguards protect the teeth of those who wear them. Unfortunately, thousands of sports athletes every year experience serious mouth and tooth injuries because of the lack use. This is not so surprising when it is understood nearly half of the injuries in the United States come from baseball and basketball, sports that do not require mouthguards. Many studies have confirmed that a mouthguard use significantly reduces the number of dental and jaw injuries.

When sporting accidents cause the death of a tooth it requires root canal therapy. If a tooth has been completely knocked out it is called avulsed. If the avulsed tooth can be immediately and firmly put back in place, it may be saved.

Wearing a mouthguard greatly reduces the number of dental and jaw injuries in sports. There are even credible reports that mouthguards can reduce the incidence of concussions caused by an upward blow to the chin, absorbing the force driving the jaw into the base of the skull. Much in the same way, a mouthguard protects the front teeth by dispersing violent energy coming from a frontal blow.

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