How Much Do You Know about Teeth Whitening?

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With so many products and services available to whiten our teeth, it is hard to choose just one. Although whitening ingredients have been added to toothpaste, mouthwash, and chewing gum in recent years, the best treatments for whitening teeth are the treatment systems and kits. These include professional in-office treatments, at-home treatments, and store-bought treatments.

The highest quality tooth whitening system you can use is one done by your dentist in the office. These treatments can effectively lighten the color of your teeth by up to 10 whole shades in a single visit. Furthermore, the whitening trays are custom fitted to your dental profile and the gels used are safe. Your dentist can also give you kits that you can use at home.

Not all over-the-counter tooth whitening products may be right for you. There are no government regulations about teeth whiteners, and some store-bought products might not work for every person. They may be unsafe if used incorrectly. You should talk with your dentist before starting any procedure on your own.

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