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Dental implant restorations have continued to grow in popularity for patients who have lost one or more teeth to untreated cavities or dental trauma. However, this process often calls for one or more oral surgeries over a prolonged amount of time.

If you aren’t comfortable with these factors a dentist like Dr. Steven Wolfson might recommend providing you with a removable partial denture. The oral appliance will be designed to replicate the appearance and essential function of your missing teeth.

It is made up of artificial teeth which are securely founded into a pink material that mimic the appearance and match the basic contours of your natural gum structure. The custom fit will help the unit to hold comfortably in place.

A large partial that replicates multiple teeth might also include some interlocking hardware to help connect it with the surrounding natural teeth. Even with a very firm natural hold, many partial denture wearers like to apply a little denture adhesive each morning to help to block out stray food particles and lock the unit in place.

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